We believe in the power of storytelling

Stories matter. They connect each one of us – by stretching our imaginations, pulling us in, and maybe even teaching us a little something along the way. They can be passed on from generation to generation and can make up the very core of many of our shared memories.

Our goal is to make stories – and storytelling – accessible to anyone with internet access, so more children have the opportunity to become strong readers and lifelong learners.

Our Why: Meet Ollie

As new parents to Ollie, we were instantly reconnected with the value of books. Storytime became a huge part of our evening routine – for the sake of spending more time as a family of five (🐶🐶 two dogs count, too), and for Ollie’s early development.

Living near an amazing local library also made us think more about access and availability.

How could we make wonderful stories available to people who might not be able to make weekly trips to the library, or don’t have access to a library at all? What about making stories more accessible on the go? Is it possible to create a new way for children and caregivers to engage with stories?

These questions led to Odyssey. It was an idea that had been brewing for a while, but Ollie motivated us to bring it to life.

Think of Odyssey as a creative, interactive blog for young children. An entertaining way for kids to learn to read, and a way for parents to support their child’s learning, development, and curiosity. Added bonus: it’s a way to feel better about a little screen time here and there.

For parents and guardians